StarmeN ⭐︎ Interactive

Four exceptional astronomers celebrate 50 years of work and friendship during the most exciting period in astronomy’s history.

Roger Griffin the instrument maker, Donald Lynden-Bell the theorist, Nick Woolf the visionary, and Wal Sargent the observer. Together they represent the most productive period astronomy has ever had. They helped build the world’s biggest observatories and made revolutionary discoveries about the evolving universe, discoveries that have the power to change the way humanity sees itself.

Star*Men Interactive is a web based extension of the documentary film Star Men, directed by Alison E. Rose. It consists of five guided, interactive tours of the universe, taking advantage of the web’s capacity to blend interactivity, non-linear narratives, and live streaming with moving picture and sound to create an immersive experience of space exploration.


Director: Alison Rose
Creative Technologist: Mike Robbins
Story Writer: Harmke Heezen
Produced by Helios Design Labs, Toronto 

Funded by the Bell Fund, Canada Media Fund, and Vision.