Europe - Speaking Out Loud 

Teenagers Sarp from Turkey, Misha from the Netherlands and Nick from Latvia participate in an International Session of the European Youth Parliament that takes place in Istanbul. Their goal is to write a resolution that will pass the critical judgement of their 200 fellow delegates. Resolutions that pass the vote in the General Assembly will be sent to the European Parliament in Brussels, representing the youth of Europe.

They don't have political parties or lobby groups behind them, they just want to do the right thing.

In a time where economical interests dominate the agenda, can they show us what Europe is really about?

During 10 days, the young Europeans argue, form friendships and try to get a grip on the new world that opens up for them. 

The European Youth Parliament, a non-partisan, non-governmental initiative brings together young Europeans from 35 countries to debate international politics. Inevitably the question comes up: what unites us and what sets us apart?


Director/Producer: Harmke Heezen
Editor: Michael Sladek, Marlene Assmann,
DoP: Sebastian Naumann
Co-producer: Sarita Sharma, Kinomaton Berlin
Sales/Distribution: for German schools, the film is distributed through All other rights belong to Harmke Heezen.
Year: 2013

Length: 38 min
Format: HD