Baltic Warriors

Baltic Warriors is an innovative, international transmedia project, using larp (live action role play) to discuss environmental problems in the Baltic Sea.

In the summer of 2015, over 200 citizens of the seven Baltic Sea coastal cities of Tallinn, St Petersburg, Sopot, Kiel, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki took on the roles of activists, politicians, lobbyists, journalists, and scientists in larps, to explore what's keeping us from saving the sea from eutrophication.

Each game was followed by a panel discussion linking the game's events to real world issues. Panelists included representatives from research institutions such as the universities of Stockholm, Helsinki and Gdansk, the organizations Helcom, Oceana, the Estonian Fund for Nature, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, the environmental ministries of Estonia and Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and green political parties in Germany, Denmark and Finland.

Participatory culture is a strong emerging trend, and larp is one of the fields where change and progress is happening the fastest in countries like Finland, Germany and Poland. Baltic Warriors builds upon the methods and techniques created in these grassroots cultures to take on serious issues such as eutrophication, the process leading to the growth of oxygenless dead zones in the Baltic Sea.




Producer: Sarita Sharma, Kinomaton Berlin
Creative Producer & Project Coordinator: Harmke Heezen
Transmedia Author: Mike Pohjola
Larp Producer: Juhana Pettersson


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Baltic Warriors is produced by Kinomaton Berlin in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Finland e.V.


The development of the project has been kindly supported by:

Goethe-Institut Finland, MEDIA Programm of the European Union, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Filmwerkstatt Kiel, Nipkow-Programm, AVEK Finland, ESODOC.